Fresh Mushrooms Delivered!

Next delivery TBD... waiting for crops to grow

*Delivery...Madison area only. Including Middleton, Fitchburg, Monona, Waunakee.

We will drop off at your doorstep. In a cooler/box/bag/on doormat. No contact needed.



All items on website are available for delivery.

$25 minimum order + $5 delivery fee

Since some markets are now open and the stay at home has lifted there is more choice for you!

In order for us to sustain doorstep delivery service we are now charging a small fee. Thank you for your understanding:)



*Variety....eggs, bakery, greens, meat, cheese, mushrooms, honey, salad dressings etc.

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Pickups on Saturdays Northside and Verona

order by Thursday evening for Saturday pickup

*Market... shop Westside (Saturday) or Northside (Sunday) click FIND US for more info

Preorders are not necessary. Accepting cash, check, and card at market.

If you want to be guaranteed your choices you can choose to preorder, pay, and pickup at market.

order by Thursday evening

The site will charge a $5 fee (shipping/delivery fee).

You are welcome to use that $5 at our stand as a credit. Thank you for your understanding.



availability is subject to change daily



Shiitake Mushrooms

1/2 lb. fresh

 Also check availability at market



  • Available
  • for Sat market

Oyster Mushrooms

1/2 lb. fresh


  • Available
  • for Sat market

Golden Oyster

1/2 lb fresh

Golden oysters have a thick base/stem which is edible. Slice/dice

Slightly stronger in flavor and scent.



  • Sold Out

Lions Mane Mushrooms

1/2 lb. fresh


  • Available
  • for Sat market