Herb n Oyster

Est. 2007


mushrooming for foodies, fungis and farmers TM

100% Pure

~Mushroom Powder Extracts

~Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures

 ~Dried Mushrooms for immunity soups, teas, and DIY tinctures


~ Dried Culinary Mushrooms

~Mushroom Blends

~ Gourmet Mushroom Powders & Seasonings



Easy Mushroom Gardening on Logs

~Mushroom Plug Spawn

Shiitake. Oyster. Lions Mane.

Reishi. Turkey Tail.


 *Farm *Products *Commitment

We care. We care about your health. We care about our health.


We care about the environment in which we share.


We are committed to sustainable agriculture. Our mushrooms and mushroom products are either certified organic or organically grown and always sustainably harvested.

Freshness, consistency, and quality are of the highest priority.

From the start we have aimed to bring new gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and products to you. We continue our journey supplying your mushroom needs with the best of the best!

.......and we thank you for your continued support! -Kari and Joe

We are a small family owned and operated farm business north of Madison, WI. We have been supplying our fresh mushrooms and mushroom products to the best chefs, restaurants and farmers markets in Madison for years... and have been mushrooming since 2001.

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